Multiple Uses

Fill it with water or air and use it for bad backs, neck, head, arms, legs, sex and many more.

The Perfect Gift for Man, Woman OR Yourself


The ONLY custom designed sex pillow made for lovemaking. You are guaranteed more aroused partners, more orgasms and sex stimulation with the original sex pillow.

Why Does Anyone Need or Want a Wonder Pillow????

Because the typical and normal lovemaking position does NOT allow for the greatest sensation and most pleasurable feeling for both partners. Just picture how much more motion a woman has when in the traditional position under the man with Wonder Pillow beneath her giving her FULL RANGE OF MOTION even in a circular manner providing an entirely new feeling for both.

Wonder Pillow is a marital pillow. This is not a gimmick or sex toy. You will not find Wonder Pillow in adult catalogs or sex shops.

It was designed to fulfill the expectations both partners expect but rarely achieve. It isnít magic BUT it is a contoured designed and developed pillow to allow for the support and angle to provide the maximum satisfaction possible PLUS the ability for circular and side to side friction.

If you are not serious about achieving or providing the greatest possible pleasure to your partner then Wonder Pillow is not for you.


Wonder Pillow allows a totally different sensation for both men and women. Without the Wonder Pillow's support underneath there is no possible way for achieve the same penetration, stimulation or chance for multiple orgasms.

I'm young and horny and have no need for any sex help. How often have we heard that line? Too many times! Wonder Pillow isn't replacing how enjoyable lovemaking can be without any enhancements whatsoever it is allowing everyone to experience the greatest possible turn on.

No matter how "turned on" we are after a certain point it is fun to either fantasize or add some additional ways to spice up our special times. Wonder Pillow offers more than you could ever imagine.

THIS is the BEST TURN ON and Greatest TURN ON of any product on the market.

It seems like a lovemaking miracle to those that experiment and enjoy trying different ways to improve the limited time many of us have to make each other feel so good.

Have you ever thought about increasing the pleasure in your LOVE MAKING?

There are tons of products that "claim" to increase the pleasure from making love. The fact is that rarely do those representations turn out to be true. Wonder Pillow is the first and only product that can totally and dramatically offer so many alternatives for increasing pleasure.

There is NO portable body pillow anywhere allowing for the use of hot or warm water to assist with pain relief or discomfort of legs, backs or necks.

New Revolutionary Pillow Design

  • No Other Pillow Provides these benefits
  • Quick and Easy back support
  • Easy to adjust and very portable
  • Tremendous marital pleasure
Wonder Pillow
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Easy to go with you on the road

The Wonder Pillow is a Portable and Foldable pillow you can fill with air or fill with water. It's never been so easy to take a pillow with you wherever you go. It's a fully customizable pillow that can be hot, cold, firm, or soft it's totally up to you.

Tremendous Marital Pleasure

Thank you for offering us the chance to evaluate the Wonder Pillow. Over the years we have looked to develop sexually fulfilling products. We have submitted it for multiple tests and the results were quite astonishing.

We took two groups of 7 couples each and asked them to engage in lovemaking. In one group we asked them to use regular pillows for support and several others enhancing product. In the other group we only asked them to experiment with the Wonder Pillow.

In 6 out of the 7 couples using the Wonder Pillow each reached climax or orgasm with more sensation than ever before. Each remarked about the command the male enjoyed and the satisfaction by the female counterpart. None of the other group had any unusual results.
Danish National Sexual Foundation - October 1997



Water-Beds were once known for their "sexual" connotation but the cost of water-beds was prohibitive. The sway of bed while making love is very sensual and soothing. With Wonder Sex Pillow you can take it with you, simply fill with water, and enjoy your own mini-water-bed.


It has been common for people to use pillows underneath their partners in order to attain greater support. However pillows are designed to be soft in order to sleep on them. So, trying to use them for support could and does NEVER work. This is where WonderPillow truly comes to the rescue.

When filling WonderPillow with air the support is maintained while dramatically changing the angle of penetration allowing for a very unique and pleasurable experience. You will "Never Wonder Again".
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The Wonder Pillow also offers excellent lower back support

A plus! We evaluated the Wonder Pillow for its usefulness as support for back and neck support and found it highly useful. For driving or support when sitting the air filled pillow did quite an effective job. We also noticed that if filling the pillow with warm water it provided some comfort for lower back pain.

We have yet to evaluate any of the marital uses, however it is clear that the angle of penetration will be extremely increased due again to the support generated unlike a mattress.
American Med Consultants

Over 60% of the US experiences back pain at one point or another. Wonder Pillow allows the user the freedom to take a pillow with them and inflate it with air or hot water in a few seconds and then deflate when finished.

Stop Back Pain In It's Spot

Everyone that has felt that twinge of pain in their backs has tried to find a way to relieve the discomfort. Sitting in the proper chair, achieving good posture, lifting items correctly all contribute to keeping your back from pain. But once you have some back discomfort riding in the car, sitting in any chair can be almost crippling.

Relieving the discomfort can be as easy as blowing up a balloon. Always leave a Wonder Pillow in the car and one at home. Inflate and place behind your back and almost immediately you will feel the difference.

Many good chairs and automobile seats are equipped with lumbar supports HOWEVER they are not moveable and since everyone is built differently, only having a portable pillow with the support offered by Wonder Pillow can provide the necessary aid.

Wonder Pillow can be folded over to either increase the support or reduce the size in order to accommodate all situations.

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